Our story

An observation : I have always loved surprising and treating the people around me.

A belief : turn what I love into a profession and do it well.

Though born in France, I have lived between various cultures and  learnings and have a passion for discovering and sharing.

Deeply concerned about other people’s needs, I am eager to meet them. I am now dedicating my human qualities to your service : kindness, goodwill, commitment, creativity and sincerity.

Valérie, inspirer and  founder of LILAS PARME

Our philosophy

At opposite ends of today’s rampant standardisation, we have one and only one guideline : absolute personalization.

No ready-made, only tailor-made.

Our approach

Contact you, listen to you, learn about you, understand your expectations, needs and wishes.

Reasonable or flamboyant, obvious or unlikely, we will  convert them into distinctive gift-boxes.

Your quest is unique : our response will be exclusive.

Our promises

Colour, delight, sublimate your daily life.

Yours but also your relatives’, friends’ and  staff’s.

Brighten up the existence of the ones you care for : treat them, thank them, cherish them.

Dedicate our time and skills to meeting your demands.

Our values

Absolute respect and confidentiality
Commitment Meticulousness
Clarity Emotion
Thoroughness Adaptability
Uniqueness Ultra-customisation

Our difference

We offer neither in-stock products nor ready-to-ship gift boxes.

Like a winemaker selecting premium grapes varieties to create the best vintage, we heed your request, seek the most tailored contents and / or services and compile them into what will become a truly exclusive gift box.

You are unique. So is your gift box.