Corporate services

Dear senior executive team,

Your energy is focused on your core business. Ours is to help you value your collaborators and clients by :

  • expressing your appreciation of their ongoing hard work
  • showing your enthusiasm for their dedication
  • leading and motivating
  • congratulating them at major events
  • creating sustainable links
  • boosting their professional fulfilment
  • rewarding company loyalty at departure or retirement
  • thanking them for their customer engagement

You work with people but you also work for people. What about building, maintaining and strengthening strong, trustful client relationships ?

A Lilas Parme gift-box is sure to help you :

  • prove you have a people-first, clients-as-individuals attitude
  • show you care as a mindful person, not only as an order-giver
  • tell your clients you appreciate them
  • keep in contact
  • exceed your clients expectations
  • focus on bespoke communication

We are here for you and offer two levels of services.