Your questions, our answers

What is Lilas Parme ?

Lilas Parme is an innovative gift box company based on the three following principles : ultra-customisation, uniqueness, exclusivity.
We combine attentiveness, insight, and subtlety with dialogue and / or a personal preferences questionnaire to design the gift-box that meets your expectations.

Who is Lilas Parme for ?

You are sophisticated, demanding, sensitive and generous. You have neither the time nor the inspiration to find or renew your gift ideas. Lilas Parme does it all for you.

For yourself, your partner, your children, a friend, a relative, a collaborator, …

We place the greatest importance on devising the gift box that best matches your or any receiver’s profile.

Why choose Lilas Parme ?

Because we offer these major skills for your requirements :

  • our knowledge : our awareness of product and service range enables us to select the ones to match your demands
  • our know-how : from your inquiry to the design of your gift box, each detail is dictated by the concern for absolute customisation
  • our human approach : highly respectful of your wishes, we will listen to them with the utmost empathy and confidentiality

Because, like a personal assistant, we go out on prospecting missions. We are your gifting stylist and advisor, in accordance with your instructions or the freedom of choice you will entrust us with.

Why will a Lilas Parme gift box feel particularly memorable ?

When you offer a Lilas Parme gift, you convey a wealth of feelings : love, gratefulness, friendship, happiness, …We sublimate your gesture by placing the utmost importance on the presentation of the gift box. … ? Ours are elaborated with love, care and an obsessive attention for detail. What a great joy to receive a custom-created gift set brimming with pretty things ! We believe a unique person deserves a truly unique, exclusive gift box.

What does a Lilas Parme gift box contain ?

If you select one of our themes, your gift box will contain goods or services based upon it. These may be decoration items, beauty and well-being products, clothes, jewels, made-to-measure creations, fine foods, … : anything that can make your gift thoughtful and highly personal.

We are committed to offering you high-quality, carefully selected contents. We literally go on prospecting missions to come up with the right gifts for you.

If you feel a little lost or lack inspiration, we can communicate either by phone or by email. It will help us target your needs and design an exclusive gift box.

Therefore, Lilas Parme has no online product catalogue.

Your request is unique and so is your gift box.

Can I know in advance what my gift box will contain ?

You are placing your trust in us, it is perfectly natural that you should want to know the contents of the gift box. When placing your order, you have the possibility to write instructions. You can therefore leave very specific indications about what you would like us to elaborate your gift box with : jewellery, perfume, a piece of clothing, or a selection of various items, a harmonious blend of colours, materials, styles, ... Or you may prefer to give us relative or full freedom of choice regarding the contents.
Designing unique, bespoke gift boxes is our passion while meeting your expectations is our priority.

Can I order a box on any given theme ?

Absolutely, and that is our specificity. If you find our thematic list does not fulfill your requirements, we will take your own theme into account. Please give us a keyword and we shall design the matching gift box ( conditional upon existing, available or designable products ).

Can I ask for specific contents ?

Your instructions are supreme. We will comply with them, provided the contents are available.

What should I do if I want to submit my own theme or choice of contents ?

In the space provided on the order form, feel free to explain in a few words the type of gift box contents you would like to offer or receive.

If you have more time, and should your order require an exchange with us, we would be glad to speak to you personally. Please, write an email with your contact details or contact us by phone.

We will listen to you carefully and shall make bold to ask you a few questions to help us meet your expectations.

How much does a Lilas Parme gift box cost ?

Our guiding philosophy being customisation, our gift boxes have no pre-determined prices. You set the amount of your investment and we stick to it.

What are the contents of the gift box worth ?

The amount of the investment you set will include the box contents, the box itself ( or any other bespoke container you would rather choose ), the shipping fees and our operating costs.

How long does it take for Lilas Parme to design and dispatch a gift box ?

At a time when everything has to go fast, we take the time we think is needed for the best possible service. That does not mean your gift box will take ages to be designed and shipped. We will always do our utmost to satisfy you in the shortest possible time.

The quest for rare, temporarily unavailable or distant goods will require a little patience.

In all circumstances, we will keep you updated of how the order progresses.

Meeting your demands will always be our priority.

What does a Lilas Parme gift box look like ?

Once we have gathered what will become your exclusive gift box, we sublimate it with custom tissue paper into a Lilas Parme gift box. It is then carefully inserted into a shock-proof overpackaging that will also maintain the surprise effect until reception.

Feel free to ask for any other layout or packaging.

How does the receiver know the identity of the gift-giver ?

When ordering a gift-box, we give you the possibility to leave a message to the receiver. On a card we invite you to select ( plain or illustrated with the theme of your choice ), we will write your message as well as your name.

If you wish, your giftbox can remain anonymous.

Can I order several boxes at the same time ?

Absolutely. Simply fill in as many order forms as required or ask for them by phone or email.

Your time is precious, we will do our best to optimise it.

Can I make changes to an already placed order ?

Once your order has been placed, the time of our prospection work starts. While the gift box is being designed, you can ask for more contents.

We will unfortunately not be able to remove any content once we have purchased them for you.

In any case, don’t hesitate to contact us for further inquiries. It is our pleasure to ensure you receive the best possible response.

Can I cancel my order ?

If still at the preparation stage, we will consider any cancellation request and will respond favourably.

However, if the gift-box contents have been purchased for you, we regret not being able to cancel your order.

I once ordered a Lilas Parme gift box. Can I re-order the same one ?

We should be most honoured if you were to re-order another Lilas Parme gift box. If the former gift box didn’t contain any bespoke goods and provided they are still available, we would gladly replicate it for you.

How much are the delivery costs ?

Each Lilas Parme gift box being strictly unique, the shipping charges depend on several factors ( contents, weight, destination, types and modes of shipping ). Therefore, these costs are included in the amount of your investment.

When am I charged for my order ?

So as to guarantee our mission to your service, we kindly ask you to submit payment when you place your order. Paypal offers a free 4-instalment payment for orders within the range of EUR 100 to EUR 2,000.

What are the the payment options available ?

Secure, reliable and convenient : here are our requirements concerning the Lilas Parme online transactions.

You can choose among these two modes of payment. They are guaranteed in according to the most modern standards of security:

  • credit card ( Mastercard©, Visa©, Eurocard©, American Express© )
  • PayPal

What are the delivery modes available ?

We give priority to doorstep delivery, be it standard or express.

A dedicated carier service is available for a particularly bulky or fragile gift.

A premium hand-to-hand courier service is available on request. This will give you the opportunity to add to your gift an extra touch of luxury and surprise.

Regarding delivery, we will do our best to be in line with our customisation philosophy and will consider any specific request.

How can I track my order ?

Once you place your order online, you will receive an order confirmation emailed to your address. Once the gift-box is ready for shipping, we will send you a tracking number.

Order placement, design, shipping, delivery : we are dedicated to making sure you are informed at each and every step of the whole Lilas Parme process.

What if the gift-box I ordered could not be delivered ?

If the courier driver tried to deliver but was unsuccessful, he will leave a note notifying the failed delivery. An attempted delivery will also be visible in the online tracking system of your logistics service provider. A new delivery date will then be scheduled and you will get an email notification.

Will the receiver know a Lilas Parme gift-box is on its way ?

We believe a gift box that shows you care should remain a magic surprise until unboxing time. Therefore, the receiver will not be informed in any way, unless you wish they were.

Can I return or exchange an item ?

We strive to offer you seamless service. In the unlikely event that an item does not meet your expectations, we would promptly offer you a 30-day return and refund / exchange policy.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging and include its original label, guarantee documents or booklet.

We regret the following items cannot be returned :

  • perishable foods and drinks
  • beauty products, perfume bottles and all healthcare and personal care products
  • night and day lingerie
  • beachwear
  • made-to-measure products designed on request
  • hosting services, tickets for concerts, shows or other events
  • made to measureworth under … euros and over … euros

What must I do to return an item ?

We thank you to inform us of your request by email in writing to, clearly stating :

* the item concerned

* whether you wish an exchange and if so, the kind of article you would like as a replacement

* whether you would prefer a refund

We will financially support the return postage costs ( up to a cost of thirty euros ) and send you a return shipping label.

Once your return is received, we will promptly proceed with the dispatching of a replacement item or the refund (a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment ).

Your satisfaction being our priority, you can rest assured that we are striving to offer you the smoothest, best gifting experience possible.